Lights, Camera, Action!  Films that inspire action.

Filmspire makes professional videos that look amazing and move people emotionally and most importantly, inspires them to take action.  We offer an array of video packages and can create a custom video for your needs.


Our Services

Branded Story Videos

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Video is all about telling a story.  Imagine having a video that not only tells the story of your business or organization but also gives viewers an inside look and feel into your culture and values.  We spend a lot of time immersing ourselves in the business and organizations we work with so we can communicate their ethos, mission, values, and culture in their videos.  At the end of the day, people don't buy products, they buy into an emotional experience.  Video creates an experience where viewers emotionally connect with your brand.  These videos are great for your home page on your website or as the featured video for your social media channels. 


TV Commercials


Are you wanting to reach thousands of people right in their own homes?  Commercials are a fantastic way to get your message out in front of your audience.  Imagine the excitement you will feel when you see your commercial pop up on TV and the impact it can have on your business.  We can help you get your message across in a minute or less leaving your viewers informed and inspired to want to know more.  We can script, cast, shoot, and edit your TV commercial for you.  There is no production too big or too small for us to handle.  


Featured Product or Service Videos


Your products and services are the backbone of your business or organization.  Perhaps you have several products or services that you would really like to get the word out about.  These products or services are unique to your business and you would like to highlight each one.  Use video to showcase your goods and services to your target audience.  These videos are practical but are still emotionally engaging and will communicate the culture of your company.  These videos are great for social media to get the word out about what you do and offer.   


Testimonial Videos

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Your customers are your biggest advocates.  Their experience with your business or organization is a powerful story that needs to be told.  Use video testimonials to share your customers stories, build trust, and encourage potential customers to engage with you.  When another person listens to the story of one of your customers, they are better able to see themselves engaging with you.  These videos are great for Facebook and YouTube to share with your target audience. 


Brand Lifestyle Videos

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As a business, you want your brand to come to life in the lives of your customers.  Your brand has a persona that you want your customers to adopt and make their own.  Use brand lifestyle videos to show the life your brand embodies.  When you think of Red Bull, you think of action and adventure and the lifestyle that accompanies that (motocross, snowboarding, and other extreme sports).  What does a day in the life of your brand look like?  Showcase your brand's lifestyle with video.  These videos are great to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Mini Documentaries


Sometimes you may want to provide a deeper look and feel into the story of your business that can't fit into a one to three minute video.  In that case, take your audience with you on a journey.  People get caught up in the stories of others.  The feel every emotion of the main character.  They celebrate with them when they achieve their goal and hurt with them when they experience a painful setback.  People are moved when they see the journey of another person or business.  They become inspired to take their first steps in their own journey.  Do you have a story that you need to tell or a journey you are about to embark upon?  We can create a cinematic mini documentary to inspire your audience to grow deeper with you and start their own journey as well.


Animation Videos

Sometimes it is challenging to explain a concept or service with live-action video. This is where animation reigns supreme. Animation gives you the freedom to explain abstract concepts in a clear and concise way. We make the process to create animated videos easy. We can offer you an array of design styles and we can take care of the voiceover work as well.

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