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About Property Greater Sudbury
Property describes any physical or virtual entity owned by one or more individuals. Owners of property have the right to sell, exchange, consume, rent, or transfer their property without interference of the government. Different types of property include real property such as land, personal property, public property, and intellectual property (such as the legal rights over creations, ideas, inventions, etc). The most common use of the term refers to real property or real estate. The right of ownership is rooted in the 5th and 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution which state that no State or Government has the right to take private property for public use nor can it deprive someone of its property without a legal process.

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Find over 400 business listings of services in property in Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas in 39 subcategories like: Tree Surgeons, Paving and Property Management. You can find additional information about the business through our user reviews and comments given.

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