1. Research


We like to ask questions…and if you choose to work with us, we’ll have a bunch more for you.  Why?  Because we want you to succeed and for that to happen we need to ask why, a lot... We’ll try to make it fun though!

We will sit down with you, your staff, and customers and listen to their story.  We like to make this an enjoyable experience and do this over a cup of coffee or at lunch.  These pre-interviews help us get all the information we need to start mapping out what your story will look like.

Location Scouting
A story can't exist without a place, which is why it will be important for us to check out possible locations for us to film.

2. Storyboard


Now that we have done all of our research, we will begin crafting your story.  We will identify all the important story elements such as our hero, their desire, the conflict, the journey, and call to action.  Once we finish the storyboard, we will formally present it to you.

3. Pre-Production


Pre-production, more commonly known as the nitty-gritty.  Here we’ll begin to map out the entire project: gear needed, the number of days shooting, production and post-production timetable, the number of team members to be involved, and scheduling the shoots.  Your involvement during this stage will be minimal, but still valuable.  This is essentially us getting our head around it all!

4. Production


Lights, camera, action! According to the plans drawn up in pre-production, we’ll begin to record all the necessary material to get the job done! All of this footage will then be taken to where the real magic happens…

5. Post-Production


This is where the Hollywood is added to your creation. What was once a concept becomes a reality. Here, you'll have your first glimpse of the draft video.

6. Final Revisions


After you have seen the draft video, we will want your feedback.  We will begin a limited round of revisions to produce the final video.

7. Output


Congrats!  You now have a brand new video!  We will send you the final video for you to keep and use.  But we aren't quite done yet...

8. Marketing Your Video


The whole point of making a video is for people to see your video!  So let's make sure that happens.  We will optimize your video for you on your social media platforms and make sure that it is set up to get the most engagement as possible.  Let's make sure your customers see it!