1. Research


It is important that we fully understand your creative vision for your animated video. During this time, we will have a brainstorming session to help you flesh out your vision. We will also need the following things from you.

Brand Assets
We will need your brand assets so that your animated video will have a consistent look and feel to the rest of your brand. We will need your logo in as a PNG file, brand colors, brand font style, and any other brand assets that you want us to know about.

Example Videos
It can be really helpful if you provide us examples of other animated videos that you like. Maybe you like the animation style or the flow of the video. These examples are really helpful but not completely necessary.

2. Script and Voiceover


Now that we have finished the research phase it is time to start writing your script.  We will give you a script template so that you can write your script. Keep in mind that a 60-second script is made up of around 150 words. We can be of assistance during the script writing process. Once your script is finalized, we will record a professional voice-over artist reading your script.

3. Storyboarding

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 8.26.12 AM.png

Now it is time to create your storyboard for your video. We will provide you with a template and directions as to how to create your storyboard. It doesn’t need to be fancy. You can draw stick figures or use clipart. We can create a polished version of your storyboard for you after you send us your first draft. We can also create your storyboard for you for an additional fee.

4. Animate Your Video

animate your video.jpg

It is time to bring your storyboard to life! We will start animating your video following the storyboard that you have provided us. We will be sure to add the voice-over recording along with some professional music. At this point, you'll have your first glimpse of the draft video.

5. Final Revisions


After you have seen the draft video, we will want your feedback.  We will begin a limited round of revisions to produce the final video.

6. Output


Congrats!  You now have an animated video!  We will send you the final video for you to keep and use.  But we aren't quite done yet...

7. Marketing Your Video


The whole point of making a video is for people to see your video!  So let's make sure that happens.  We will optimize your video for you on your social media platforms and make sure that it is set up to get the most engagement as possible.  Let's make sure your customers see it!