Best Lights for Your Zoom Meetings

We’ve all seen it or at least fallen victim to it. Bad lighting can make your Zoom meetings look unprofessional and it can make it difficult for people to concentrate on you while you are speaking. One of the most common lighting mistakes people make is having a window behind you. This causes your appearance to be very dark. The opposite can happen as well where you are sitting close to a very intense light source and your appearance is overexposed or what we call in the film industry, blown out. Some lighting can also cause hard shadows across your face where one half of your face is lit and the other is covered in a dark shadow. Overhead lighting can cast shadows over you eyes giving you “raccoon eyes”. Color temperature can also be a struggle in most lighting situations. Most lightbulbs can give your appearance a warm or orange look. Sometimes, you can use everyday objects in your home to improve the lighting in your video conferencing calls. But investing in lighting solution is often the best path forward.

There are many options available online. Here are a few lighting options that we think are worth investing in.

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