Invigorate Cryotherapy Video Marketing Campaign

Most people don't like the cold, especially when we are talking about negative two hundred degrees cold!  But we came to love it.  Filmspire had the awesome opportunity to create several videos for a great new business in Richmond, VA.  Invigorate is a cryotherapy business located Bon Air in Richmond, VA.  Now when most people hear the word cryotherapy, images of Han Solo being frozen come to mind.  It sounds scary.  It sounds painful.  It sounds like it isn't for most people.  But Invigorate makes cryotherapy fun.  They make it an enjoyable experience.  They show you how everyone can benefit from it.  So what is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a type of cold therapy, much like ice baths.  Cryotherapy involves getting inside of a tank where nitrogen vapor can drop the temperature close to -200oF.  This cold therapy helps to reduce inflammation and jump-start the healing process.  Many professional athletes use it to help with their recovery process.

So, how does Invigorate make cryotherapy unique?  They provide a fun environment to help their customers enjoy the experience and feel better.  Everything from the interior decor, the warm robes, and the music they play during your session creates a fun and friendly environment.  Yes, it is cold but it only lasts a few minutes and you can spin and dance around a little bit to help the time pass.  In terms of cold therapy, the only other option you have is an ice bath.  Those last at least 10 minutes and the experience is anything but fun.  

How did Filmspire help Invigorate?  Invigorate is a fairly new business and they needed help getting their name out there.  We interviewed two of Invigorate's customers who can attest to the benefits they have received from cryotherapy and the enjoyable experience they have while at Invigorate.  After that, we created a Facebook Ad campaign to ensure that the videos would be seen by their target audience.  Check out the videos we created for them and make sure to check out Invigorate and try it out for yourself!

Screenshot from the Facebook Ad.

Screenshot from the Facebook Ad.